founded in 1994 in Milan by Giuseppe R.Brera

after the Conference "Adolescence and Family"

held with the UN cooperation 



The Members of the World Federation and Society of Adolescentology (WFSA)/ Federation et Societé Internationale d'Adolescentologie (FSIA)/ Federaciòn y Sociedad Internacional d' Adolescentologìa/ Federazione e Società Internazionale di Adolescentologia embrace the principles of the Universal Declaration of Youth's Rights and Duties and support their dissemination through the world. Members of the WFSA/FSIA support and endorse campaigns promoting health education and sex education based on awareness, knowledge and freedom of action, motivated by the individual's sense of responsibility and commitment to truth, love and beauty and respect for human dignity. Such decisions and actions are based on respect for the sanctity of human nature and for life from conception until death.


A. The aims of the WFSA/FSIA include the promotion of theoretical and applied scientific research in Medicine,Psychology and Educational Sciences, Sociology, Social Work, and any other relevant sciences in accordance with the following epistemology.

I. The researcher will endeavour to help the adolescent understand the mystery of one's own subjective existence through introspection so as to aspire to self-realization, a commitment to the sanctity of life, the improvement of inter- and intra-personal relations. Accordingly, the goal is to admire an optimal and satisfying existential reality which provides meaning to existence.

II.While promoting well being, health, and welfare of the adolescent the researcher and the clinician will endeavour to help adolescents reveal and fulfil their creative potential thus discovering, experiencing and achieving existential significance and self realization.

B. The establishment of a) WFSA/FSIA national representatives, b) at least one Cultural Home for each continent and, c) at least one International Centre of Research on Adolescence and Youth and Youth Health Centre.


A. Founding Members

Maurizio Bosio, Giuseppe R. Brera, (Founder), Milena Cerna, Marc Dubois, Nabil El-Zahhar, Amalia Escalona, Peter Greven, Jana Hamanova, Philipe Van Meerbeeck, Irene Namislowska, Donata Potito, Ewa Stepien, Miguel Tobal, Le Roy Travis, Claudio Violato,Bozena Wzeborowska, Nuri Xhepa.

B. Members in Good Standing

All those involved in clinical applications and research on adolescence and youth who have paid the annual fee.

C. Supporting Members

All those interested in supporting research on adolescence and youth and disseminating the Universal Declaration of Youth's Rights and Duties at the light of WFSA/FSIA principles and aims..

D. Insitutional Members

All National Societies of Adolescentology and Adolescent Medicine which subscribe to the Universal Declaration of Youth's Rights and duties and WFSA/FSIA epistemological principles..


A. Executive Board

Consists of President, Past President, President Elect, Director(s) of the International Research Centre(s), two delegates of the Founding Members and the Founder. The Board represents the

WFSA/FSIA on all matters and makes decisions about the development of the Society and all of its business. The Board upholds and promotes the by-laws of the society.

B. The President

-is the legal representative of the WFSA/FSIA

-promotes and coordinates the activities of the WFSA/FSIA with the board cooperation

-upholds and promotes the by-laws of the WFSA/FSIA

-at least every three years calls the WFSA/FSIA General Assembly during the triennial Conference

-initiates and promotes international relationships between countries and international organizations

-is elected every three years by the General Assembly

C. Past-President

- Supports the President and discharges his duties when the president is unable

D. The Director(s) of the International Centre(s) of Research on Adolescence and Youth

-promote and coordinate the scientific activity of the WFSA/FSIA International Research Centre(s).

E. The General Assembly

- is constituted by the members in good standing and the legal representatives of the Institutional Members

- is called by the President every three years during the WFSA/FSIA triennial Conference

- approves the Presidential report on the triennial activity of the Society

- approves the triennial financial reports presented by the Secretary-Treasurer

- elects the President, the Secretary-Treasurer

- has the power to change the by-law with exception of the articles 1 (Fundamental Principles),2 (Aims) and 3 (Membership)

- the Secretary should be from the same country as the President and is elected every three years by the General Assembly



F.The Secretary-treasurer

- is elected by the executive board

- every three years presents to the Assembly the WFSA final


- coordinates the relationships between the Members,the Board and the President

- is authorized to give receipts

- can nominate a Vice-Secretary

G. Founding Board Delegates

- is formed by the Founder and two delegates from the Founding Members

- the two delegates are elected every three years by the Founding Members

- support the Executive Board in joining social duties.

- they ensure the spirit of the Society in the light of the Universal Declaration of Youth's Rights and Dutie

- they cover the duty of Probi Viri.