The Universal Declaration or Youth Rights and Duties


                      November 27, 2022


                      Prot. 26 ICYC Coord.

the President of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin

the President of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky

President of Ukraine

the President

of the USA .

Joe Biden

Holy Father



Sacrae Romanae Ecclesiae

Hon. Georgia Meloni

President of the Italian Ministers Council

the General Secretary

of the UN

Antonio Gutierrez

Object : Peace Christmas operation

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the defensive conflict, we proposed different possibilities to interrupt the people’s suffering and deaths. In the April 29 enclosed letter to the US president, Joe Biden, we proposed a psychoanalytical analysis ( war socio-analysis) of the Russia-Ukraine conflict to find the possibility of a peace treaty. The letter was followed by a re-starting of relationships USA-RUSSIA at the military level. Psychoanalytic investigation interprets war as a pre-genital psychotic regression finalized to save the self from depressive guilty senses with the same unconscious dynamic common to people. Conversely, genital maturity means creative and convenient cooperation between people and groups.

The peace project was based on warranting the resolution of depressive anguishes caused in Ukraine by the loss of a piece of territory since 2014 (Dombass Republics ). resulting in bombing these by considering the Dombass Republics' Russian people as enemies with a splitting "territory (as good love object) / people (as bad object) with a schizoparanoidal regression cathartizing guilty senses to save the self-identity of nation, (messianism). At the same time Russian Federation warranted itself from depressive anguish caused by the deaths of people of Russian culture in the bombed Dombass Republics, lived as a good love object, a part of self to be saved, leading to consider Ukraine as a partial "Bad object," an enemy, but to that date warranting energy supply (gas) to Ukrainian people, partially considered as "good love object ."The conflict originates from two messianisms of different natures, the first addressed to save the nation's self-identity (abstract), the second to save the people's lives of Dombass republics , living the Ukraine possible entry into NATO, as a menace to the self-nation integrity. Messianism means the catharsis need for guilty senses and the constitution of an enemy, a phantom that becomes a reality in the war. The vicious death circle of WAR-DEATH-GUILTY SENSES leads to chronicity because of the necessity of the guilty senses’catharsis, to escape depression, expressed by a vengeance desire of dead people in the war.

Our suggestion for the ceasefire and peace has been recognizing the Dombass republic people, soldiers, and civilians as "whole love objects" to be lived as reality to be saved, adopting the Christian primate of the “divine individual life value” on the "territory" abstraction. War presents itself as a psychotic pathology to be cared for by re-constituting individual lives as real whole love objects, persons not scapegoats, tools for catharsis.

Starting from this analysis that we proposed to Russian Federation, Ukraine, USA, Europe, Italy, and ONU, we solicited different countries the recognizing the Dombass republics, obtaining it only from Syria and North Korea.

To date Ukraine is increasing its aggression to the Dombass republic’s people, claiming its sovereignty on their territory. To date, sanctions and the weapons supply to Ukraine didn't improve peace diplomacy but determined an escalation along with a damn to the West's work and economy.

This road map showed its error from evidence. This action caused an increased escalation of the Russian Federation to partially take off the light energy to Ukraine, creating a humanitarian emergency for the Ukrainian people, real scapegoats of this war.

The war costs millions of dollars and euros that could be better addressed to noble targets (eg. to save millions of children from famine-induced death ).

The result of our analysis shows that the unique possibility to interrupt the conflict is the international acknowledgment of the Dombass Republics, according to the international right, and the project of Ukraine's adhesion to NATO, by constituting Dombass Republic people, soldiers, and Ukrainian peoples' lives as real whole love objects to be saved by catharsis needs.

In the previous socio-analysis, we documented at the psychoanalytic level that western countries use the Russia/Ukraine war as a therapeutic catharsis of their social depressive guilty senses, determined by the pandemic of a pre-genital culture and abortions. The war assumed the role of a messianic saving of the western culture's guilty senses, a dynamic also shared by Russia and Ukraine, constituting a catharsis need. This dynamic leads to escalation and chronicity of war.

To save the Ukrainian and Dombass Republic people from their role as scapegoats and victims of cathartic needs, we propose a Crysthmas operation for peace. In fact, Christian anthropology celebrates the birth of the "Peace prince," whom we remember in our calendar as a unique possibility to interrupt any war and motivated to peace with the resolution of the need for guilty senses catharsis, to which death instinct damns humanity.

Tolstoy wrote, "Tears do not dry tears, and fire does not extinguish the fire ."This prophecy is exact.

In the end, to give honor and glory to the "prince of Peace," who signed his kingdom on time, and universe, we re-propose the previous peace road map based on the following points

1. the acknowledgment of the Dombass Republics by the USA, ITALY, HOLY SEAT, and after the UN members, and the contemporary constitution of a mediation committee formed by the same countries.

We want to remember to Italy that this nation sacrificed 600.000 lives of young people's lives to make free Trento and Trieste, which were of Austrian-Hungarian territories (First world war). All the historians state that at any time, "casus belli" is the irredentism of people's ethnicity of culture A in a territory of a country B imposing a culture B.

Russian ethnicity of Dombass's republic that from 2014 adopted the Russian culture ( a different constitution from Ukraine, flag, Russian language, religion, etc.), was denied by Ukraine that since that date started to bomb Dombass people as an enemy, in such a way recognizing an alterity of Dombass from the self-identity and culture of nation. This conflict is the first fire to be extinguished for inducing peace. Culture and territory should correspond also according to the international right of people self-determination if there aren’t previous international treatises, often result of a war.

The Ukrainian desire to attend NATO is the second "casus belli" to be extinguished. We want to remember that to promote peace in Europe, NATO must cease the demonization of the Russian Federation and respect previous diplomatic agreements limiting the NATO expansion to the East, which have been violated. An economic and cultural alliance between West Europe and Russian Federation is convenient for both, remembering that Russian culture is a pilaster of Western countries' cultures, which teaches it in schools and universities along with its music and cultural exchanges of resources are essential for peace and development as it is verified in the space conquer.

2. Retiring of the Russian troops from Ukrainian territory if present

3. Retiring of Ukrainian troops from Dombass Republics, if present

4. Commitment by Ukraine to remain outside NATO

5. Refunding by the Russian Federation to Ukraine for war damages

6. Refunding by Ukraine to Dombass republics for war damages from 2014

7. Beginning of the reconstruction plan of Ukraine funded by the World Bank and other institutions

8. Cessation of sanctions against the Russian Federation and re-activation of commercial exchanges.

9. Cessation of the gas supply interruption to Europe

10. Cessation since the Christmas time of any belligerence between Russia-Ukraine

We propose, moreover, to the UN the sending of observers to the Dombass Republics' borders up to the signature of the peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia, once signed the preliminary commitment for peace.

Once Russian Federation and Ukraine accept the Christmas operation points by signing a preliminary agreement (below) addressed to block any massacre of civilians, soldiers and humanitarian emergency and are available to a dialogue table with the mediation committee (Rome could be the seat), these countries cease any form of belligerence and fire.


We                                                                       date:………… hour………

the President of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin

the President of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky

President of Ukraine

in the name of the common Christian roots of Russia and Ukraine, agree that it is time to interrupt any belligerence and save human lives by a useless massacre.

At this aim, we sign the following preliminary Christmas agreement based on the following 10 points:

1. the acknowledgment of the Dombass Republics as part of the Russian Federation

2. Retiring from the Russian forces from Ukrainian territory if present

3. Retiring of Ukrainian troops from Dombass Republics, if present

4. Commitment by Ukraine to remain outside NATO

5. Refunding by the Russian Federation to Ukraine for war damages

6. Refunding by Ukraine to Dombass republics for war damages since 2014

7. Beginning of the reconstruction plan of Ukraine funded by the World Bank and other institutions

8. Cessation of sanctions against the Russian Federation and re-activation of commercial exchanges.

9. Cessation of the gas supply interruption to Europe by Russia

10. Cessation upon signature of the Christmas preliminary agreement of any belligerence between

Russia-Ukraine, restituting to people, soldiers and civilians, their dignity of human being

Russian Federation and Ukraine accept an international mediation committee formed by USA, ITALY, HOLY SEAT, UN delegates to arrive at a formal treaty of peace, and future reciprocal cooperation for the countries development. The parts accept UN observers.

Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation

Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine

The PCA must be sent signed to the respective parts. Once the signed document will be reciprocally received at the same time, the parties commit to ordering the ceasefire, starting the retirement of troops.

Annex 1


In 1993, during the First International Congress " Assisi '93: Make peace with life", aware that young people represent the future of the world, not tools of power, profit, or death, in order to constitute a common ethical code for youths, people and nations, which defends the rights and affirms the duties of young people, the Italian Society of Adolescentology introduced to the nations for its formal approval by the U.N. Assembly the: UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF YOUTH RIGHTS AND DUTIES stated in the following points:

The right to healthy nutrition sufficient to be able to think, study, work, and communicate; the right to a healthy and comfortable home where youths can live in a dignified manner;

The right to freedom of religion, thought, speech, information, association, movement, and the duty to respect and defend such freedom;

The duty to respect religions, nationalities, races, ethnic groups, and cultures different from one's own and The right to defend one' s religious, ethnical, and national appurtenance;

The right to an education and the duty to apply oneself in one's studies in order to be able to develop one's creative resources for the individual and social well-being;

The right to work and the duty to commit oneself with honor and justice so to build the necessary resources to create and maintain the work;

The right to use every means of communication in order to promote and defend freedom, truth, justice, peace, life, and solidarity within individual and social well-being;

The duty to maintain one's state of health by avoiding and obstructing within one's environment any means or behavior which could damage one's own or another's person's health;

the right to have medical aid and care when in a state of illness. The duty to aid, within one's possibilities, people of every age who are in a state of human and social disadvantage;

The right and duty to respect and defend one's own life and that of every human being from conception until death;

The duty to aid and respect one's parents and the right to be aided and respected by them; The right to marry and procreate by constituting a family without cultural, familial, social, and religious conditioning. The duty to responsibly provide, along with one's spouse, for a family environment that is serene and full of Love, for the education and the development of the affective, cognitive, moral, and religious resources, for a home, for the nutrition, for the children's care, by building and receiving all the necessary support needed.

The duty to promote, conserve and respect works of intelligence and human civilization; the duty to promote, respect, and defend the natural environment's life;

The duty to promote, conserve and defend liberty, justice, brotherhood, and universal peace among persons, people, and nations, with cooperation, commitment, moral and intellectual courage, work in the spirit of God, eternal and universal Truth, and Love.

** Written in the name of God, in the seat of the Italian Society of Adolescentology by Giuseppe Rodolfo Brera, M.D. Milan, Italy, Europe - December 25, 1992,* December 18, 1994, March 5, 2012,** Approved by the Council of Delegated of the Italian Society of Adolescentology - January 24, 1993, Presented at the International Congress "Assisi 93; make peace with life"- October 22, 1993, Registered in Milan, Italy, Europe by the notary Carlo Corso on January 30, 1993, with Public Act n. 59567/4946.

Recognized by the Republic of Ecuador, by the President of Haiti, J.B. Aristide, approved by the King of Spain Juan Carlos de Borbone, recognized by Regione Lombardia (Italy), Romania, and submitted for approval to other different countries. The ethical fundament of the World Federation and Society of Adolescentology, the Ambrosiana University, Italian Society of Adolescentology and Adolescence Medicine. Milan, Italy

The International Committee for the Universal Declaration of the Youth Rights and Duties, born in 1993, has proposed diplomatic solutions in the wars against Iraq and Libya, and since February 2022, for the prevention and ceasefire of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.